The pulpit from Molland on Exmoor required complete re-building. The work included replacing the missing crossbanding and mouldings:

The pulpit back in the church

This church door from Hunton in Kent was suffering the effects of damp and neglect. Extensive work to the boards and bottom rails:

The inside of the door after the rotten sections were replaced with new oak.

The outside of the door.

This door also had a lot of work to repair rotten and broken components:


and After.

Typical repairs to wooden panelling:

In a National Trust property, this screen had 2 missing panels replaced and the centre panel had new wood scribed to the existing.

At Cornworthy Church, the tester was restored to its former glory:

The veneers had to be repaired and re-laid

Missing pieces were replaced:

The carved moulding on the left is new. The piece on the right is 250 years old:

At St Cross in Winchester, The Renaissance Choir Stools and Desks were conserved.
A view of one side of the Chancel furniture.

The decayed ends of the LinenFold panels were repaired and re-carved. The following two pictures show before and after of a typical area of repair. The new oak was stained to match the original colour.

Similar repairs to the Nave Desks. The detail pictures relate to the work in repairing the area of decayed wood at the bottom right corner.

At a Somerset Farmhouse, the Plank and Muntin screen was severely decayed. The entire screen was dismantled, each component intricately repaired and the whole structure rebuilt.
A view of the restored screen, prior to staining and waxing.

The following picture shows a typical area of decay before being repaired with a carefully shaped and fitted piece of new oak.

These photos show typical repairs.